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Which payment methods do you accept?

1- Our website accepts credit and debit cards direct payments
2- We accept e-transfer payments by clicking on "Manual" payment option

Where do you ship?

- We are currently shipping all over Canada using the "Expedited shipping" service provided by Canada Post.
- Our orders are sent out for shipment Mondays & Tuesdays to avoid weekend delays.
- Shipping worldwide is a future plan that we are considering sometime soon.

What are the methods used to apply Verte Hair Smoothies on kids?

For kids under 6:

Can be used as a conditioner!

Kids 6 and above:

After shampooing apply it and leave it for a period between 5-30 minutes

How to apply the Hair Smoothies?

1- Shampoo hair with your regular shampoo

2- Using your towel, lightly dry it

3- Apply the mask on your damp hair from roots to ends with a light scalp massage

4- Cover hair with a shower cap

5- let it sit for 30-60 minutes 


5- Place a warm towel on top of the shower cap/ sit under a hair steamer for 15-20 minutes

6- Rinse with warm water

What does this Smoothie replace?

Our hair smoothies are rich enough to replace:
- Hair Conditioner
- Heavy Hair lotions
- As reported from some customer: Curl Definition creams

What should i use after using the Smoothie?

In terms of process, after washing off the smoothie, your hair will be all ready for the normal styling. You can style your hair with your regular serums and creams.

How to maintain the Smoothie?

Because our hair smoothies are made out by including fresh ingredients, they must be always kept in the refrigerator but can stay out of the fridge for half a day if the weather is cool.

Is your packaging environmental friendly?

Yes!! in fact if you brought back our original jar for a refill, you will be getting a 10% off your next purchase!!

What are your policies in terms of return and replacing the product?


In the case of disliking the product, the customer may return the product with its packaging in a good condition on his expenses within two week only from the date of receiving the smoothie.

Any request of return after 14 days from receiving the product will NOT be accepted


1- In the case of receiving the product damaged; the customer must provide a clear picture to us with the damage on the date of receiving the product as soon as they get it. If the product found to be really damaged then a new product will be sent.

NOTE: in case the damage is found to be caused by the customer then replacing won't be done

2- In the case of loss of the order by the courier company

NOTE: In the case of loss of order by courier due to a mistake caused by the customer (wrong address provided) then replacing won't be done