Verte Hair Smoothies




Your hair is weak, brittle, and lacks volume and density?
Carrots work on triggering these specific concerns by adding instant volume, strength and shine!

Bush Leaves

Arugula Leaves 

Having grey hair, hair loss, some areas getting bold, dullness and scalp dryness?
Here is our star ingredient; that will treat the mentioned concerns and help grow your hair in no time...including baby hair!!

Ginger root and ginger powder in the bow


Itchy scalp, dandruff, flakes, weak hair, dryness, and hair loss?
Welcome Ginger! it detoxifies your scalp so well that it gets rid of any scalp concern which reflects in promoting your hair's health and growth!

Coconut Treats

Coconut Milk

Thirsty hair!!!
Let it have some Coconut milk and watch the moisture, softness and life get back to your hair!



Curly hair, dry, split ends, colored, chemically treated, dullness, and breakage?
Another golden ingredient is Avocados that immediately nourish hair by treating it from the above mentioned to give a sleek finish that everyone will ask you about! 
Including adding an incredible definition to your curls!!!!

Bottled Olive Oil

Natural oils

Sealing our natural elements with the finest natural oils was a must! 
That's why we added Coconut oil, and Mustard oil to fulfill your thirsty hair need and help it fight external damaging factors

Beauty Cream

Mixture of Hair Treatment Masks

In drinkable smoothies, we add protein, collagen, or any extra type of supplement powder to boost the smoothie effectiveness.

At Verte we have done the same by adding a special mixture of different deep treating hair masks from different high end brands to boost it's benefit!

NOTE: Masks contain Argan oil



If you are looking for an ingredient to promote hair growth while adding a high level of protection against weather harmful factors, then Pumpkin is your saver!

Cinnamon Sticks


This ingredient has the benefit to help remove build-up from the scalp, allowing for healthier follicles that in turn promote better hair growth. Cinnamon also helps encourage healthy hair growth by causing a tingling sensation, which is thought to draw more rushing blood to the scalp for stimulation